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Day 1

If you would like to make 2 days, 1 night trekking to Inle Lake, you will see three ethnic groups. There are Taung Yoe, Danu and Pa O. First we have to take by car to the place where we start point and its will take around 35 minutes drive to get there .We will cross a beautiful village and there are so many hillside cultivation and the people who working on their fields and beautiful countryside. And then continue to Pa O village and tea break on a family house .At the village you will see the women weaving method and visit a small bamboo village and pass through to another Pa O village again. At that village you will see how the boys make a bamboo basket and then cross a big bamboo forest and village. After that heading to Danu village, lunch break there and relax for a while and continue to a Pa O village where we stay over night on a friendly family house like a home stay. It will be 20 Km more or less six hours walking without break.

Day 2

The next day morning we can start 7:30 am (or) 8:00am. First we go and visit to a beautiful wodden monastery and vice village and then we go and visit another two more Pa O villages and down the hill where we lunch break and take a boat and see a lovely floating gardens and across amazing Inle Lake for the way back to your lovely hotel